Who are we?

We are a coalition of people and organizations that are dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the bonds between Louisiana and Europe. Our focus is not on today's Louisiana, but rather on the whole Louisiana territory that helped shape French history in America. Similarly, our geographical target is not solely France, but all European people and organizations that are interested in Louisiana and its traditional food, music and musical instruments, culture and traditions, events and festivals, etc.

This website is open to all: everyone is invited to share events, resources, anecdotes, hidden treasures, and even academic or economic research on Louisiana's past, present and future. We will not only showcase Louisiana's rich history, traditions and culture, but also today's innovations and challenges as well as research and development for the future. For example, Espace Mendès France of Poitiers, France and UL-Lafayette will co-host a forum on new research and technologies pertaining to biomass and biofuels, which are vital to the development and sustainability of our culture: in South Louisiana, culture and coastal land are vanishing together, in an almost perfect but scary synergy!

Likened to the mission of the Great Acadian Awakening (www.GRA2011.org ) of October 2011, our mission is to awaken the population of Louisiana and the world, primarily our youth, to the realization that, while they have made great strides, the people of Louisiana are losing their French language, culture, traditions as well as their coastal land.

Our youth: the future belongs to them and we intend to seek their input and participation. Collectively, we are eager to focus our website on the youth in order to involve them in its continued development. We will attempt to provide those interested in visiting and/or studying in Louisiana as well as hosting Louisiana youths in their country with information and practical tips on schools, scholarships, grants, visas and other opportunities for study and exchanges.

This is why we are closely associated with the youth organization and tourist office of the city of Namur, Belgium ( Lafayette's sister-city), where our webmaster resides and assists us thanks to the long time friendship and loyalty of Frédéric Laloux, who followed in his father's footsteps in being the Louisiana link of that region of Southern Belgium. This is also why the International Center of Lafayette, Louisiana, will inform you about the current events in our universities and the opportunities that may present themselves to European students and research professors.

Other partners include :

  • In Europe :
    • The France-Louisiane Association in Paris with its 8 chapters throughout France;
    • All European towns twinned with Louisiana municipalities;
    • Bayou Productions, the Saulieu and Pontchartrain festivals and their incredible musical network, etc.
  • And in Louisiana:
    • The Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL), the state agency charged with French language educational and cultural economic development initiatives in Louisiana;
    • La Fondation-Louisiane which offers scholarships and study programs in Louisiana, Canada and Europe;
    • The Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission (LCVC) which will provide information on Louisiana events, festivals, hotels, etc;
    • And our cultural emblems Zachary Richard and Charles Larroque who will offer our visitors their insightful chronicles.

Finally, BIEN MERCI to our volunteers: Valerie, Emmanuelle, Amanda, Pierre, Flora, Hélène, Christophe, Pascal and many more to come! VIVE LA LOUISIANE !